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W2/D1 Upstate New You (Upper Body)

4.9|20 min|4 comments
Curl to Press with Tricep extension Alternating rows Shoulder tap + push up... more


Debbie 14d ago
That was so damn good! Im literally dripping . The chest press to crunch honestly i had to strain cause i thought i was gonna fart 😬🫣🤣 how embarrassing would that have been for me at my gym 🥴😂🫣
Jenna 1mo ago
Doubled up day 1 & 2 today! Feeling good!
Corina 1mo ago
That one had me sweating! I'm really loving all the arm workouts, I have such trouble with strength in mine so this has been great! And the modified push-ups are finally starting to get a little easier! Loving this challenge and omg that ending challenge! You guys are great!
Hilary 1mo ago
Feeling it in my shoulders and core 💪

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