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W1/D5 Coregasm

5.0|45 min|5 comments
Deep core work and a full body workout! Here’s a nutritious recipe I’m trying this weekend: 1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes... more


Helen 19d ago
Low abs are dead
Jenna 1mo ago
Taking this time for myself while on vacation feels amazing! 🌺
Hannah 2mo ago
Got a sweat from this one today!
Corina 2mo ago
Last day is alwaya the hardest and the best! Loved that one particularly because it had me stepping outside of my comfort zone for those mountain climbers. I hate those so much haha but I know to get better at them I have to keep working and practicing! Love this one ❤️
Hilary 2mo ago
Not gonna lie, on last mountain climbers, I modified to standing opposite hand to knee because I’m an empowered wimp 😆💪

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