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W4/D1 Up, Up, Upper Body

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Helen • 2d ago
The swinging and pressing in this workout were 🔥🔥. I’m noticing certain movements are getting easier/there is more control within them. It’s nice feeling progress in my triceps as well, since that is a stubborn area on my body. So grateful that you’ve included arm days in this challenge!
Jenna • 23d ago
I’m really enjoying upper body days more than I thought I was going to!! 💪🏻
Hilary • 1mo ago
Feeling stronger 💪 Time to get heavier weights
Gabriela • 1mo ago
This arm workout! I love how my body is starting to feel so different after my workouts, I can feel my endurance building.
Corina • 1mo ago
I can't get enough of these arm workouts! I can really feel the strength building! And you guys with your challenges are the best. Love you two!

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