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W2/D3 Water That Peach (Lower Body)

5.0|20 min|5 comments
Let’s get that LOWER BODY WORKOUT in! Eat your protein after and plenty of healthy carbs for energy. EASY PREP- Sweet Potato Nachos ... more


Helen 13d ago
My glutes by the second round were feeling the movements. I struggle with my balance when it comes to curtsy lunges, so I hope to see that progress throughout the rest of this program
Casey 20d ago
Quick burner that left me feeling it and sweating! Loved it!
Jenna 1mo ago
Feel’n my booty for sure!! 🥵🍑
Hilary 1mo ago
Oof I am drenched in sweat! Those curtsy lunges and raised heel squats are life!
Corina 1mo ago
The burn!!! Omg I over this one so much. I really have trouble with curtsy I spelling that right? Haha but this really forced me to focus on them and adding that leg lift was a great challenge!

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