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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 17: Strong Ajna Chakra

5.0|26 min|22 comments
Intermediate level class. In this class we work on balancing the Third Eye Chakra through intuitive movement and Embodied Yoga style flow. This means I will guide the same sequence two times, and the third time you can flow... more


Alba 22d ago
Such a beautiful flow. Love that you left space to move intuitively to connect with our own ajna chakra. Once again you provide for magic to occur ♥️
Sue 24d ago
I like the repetition that made me more confident with the poses
Steffany 1mo ago
Kristen 5mo ago
Absolutely loved this one! Beautiful flow and the third round was nice to flow through at my own pace. Thank you ♥️
Alex 6mo ago
Amazing intuitive flow. Thank you

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