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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 10: Gentle Anahata Chakra

4.9|23 min|17 comments
Beginner/Moderate level class. This class works on opening the heart through the chest, shoulders, and front line of the body.


Alex 2mo ago
Your sequences and transitions are always amazing but the half frog cobra variation to supine twist was particularly special. I loved this sequence
Sarah 2mo ago
I loved this sequence. Thanks Kayla 💛
Nyssa 3mo ago
This feels so good after an all day sitting in front of a computer. Help unwind and unknotted many tight muscles.
Jess 3mo ago
Leslie 3mo ago
If I am honest I felt my heart closing a little. I was hurt, felt slighted by a friend. I am grateful I remembered not only the magic of the mat but this Chakra work you are leading. I feel transported 💕Thank you

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