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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 1: Gentle Muladhara Chakra

4.9|30 min|51 comments
Moderate/Beginner level class. This class focuses on balancing the Root Chakra by focusing on the feet, legs, and balance. The peak posture is Heroes Pose.


Tanya 15d ago
my first ever class here, feeling so much in love with my body ❤️‍🔥
Asrai 1mo ago
It was amazing♥️ so calm, grounding and powerful. Thank you so much
Danielle 2mo ago
Such a nice unwind after a hard week.
Lexi 4mo ago
super nourishing thank you 🤍
Lauren 4mo ago
Thank you so much for this series. I’m a front line healthcare worker and have fallen out of my yoga practice recently. I’ve been struggling mentally and emotionally to the point where everything (even yoga) feels daunting. Today I just said I would start this and see if I can get through it. I love your style of teaching and got lost in this practice. The half an hour flew by and I can’t wait to continue tomorrow. Thank you for continuing to provide such holistic and beautiful classes, of varying levels and lengths — it really makes it easier to find something I felt I could move through.

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