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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 1: Gentle Muladhara Chakra

4.9|30 min|59 comments
Moderate/Beginner level class. This class focuses on balancing the Root Chakra by focusing on the feet, legs, and balance. The peak posture is Heroes Pose.


Angelique 3d ago
Very nice class. I would prefer another posture at the end because I need a counter pose after this one
Antonia 6d ago
Just what I needed, thank you Kayla💜
Fer 10d ago
Starting my Chakre reset!! I am feelling very good ❤❤. Thank you!
Sue 1mo ago
I like the last resting pose with the blocks assistance. it helps to reduce the lower back compression and i can stay longer effortlessly 😃
Rebecca 1mo ago
That was incredible, I loved it so much. Loving the nuisances of your flow.

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