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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 14: Strong Vishuddha Chakra

5.0|36 min|7 comments
Intermediate level class. This class works on balancing and opening the Throat Chakra through a dynamic Vinyasa that works into full Camel.


Beth 1mo ago
So flowy! I had a lot more strength and balance this time around so I could appreciate the transitions more 💕
Jess 2mo ago
Mia 4mo ago
Heyyy Kayla I am your student from Taiwan, having been practicing with you for almost two years now (since I found you at Alo) I had shoulder and upper back injuries in the past month. And your practices and your approaches really help me listen to my body. Just want to say thank you. Massive Thank a you. 🌸
Melissa 4mo ago
Great class, thank you!
Nick 4mo ago
I don’t think I could have chose a better session to get my day going. My left knee is feeling extra crunchy and painful today so I moved a bit slower through fallen lunge and going from any bent leg position to a straight leg position. While feeling this way isn’t ideal, I’ve learned that it brings a bit more awareness to my movement which is priceless. I was so into this one that it felt like 5 minutes had passed. Thank you for another great mix!!

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