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/21 Day Chakra Reset
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Day 13: Gentle Vishuddha Chakra

4.9|27 min|11 comments
Beginner/Moderate level class. This gentle slow works on opening the front and back of the throat through gentle neck exploration, and upper back mobility work.


Sophie 21d ago
Such an opening and beautiful practise - thank you Kayla 🙏
Olya 2mo ago
Incredibly deep stretches in the neck shoulders and even side body and front of the hips. I hold tension in my right shoulder that no massage has been able to get out for a decade and I was able to get into that painful knot with these stretches and feel so much better. Def coming back to this for neck and shoulder stretches especially as a nursing mom!
Jess 7mo ago
Lo 8mo ago
Loved it!
Giusy 8mo ago

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