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Dumbbell & Cable Shoulders 11.15.22

5.0|50 min|1 comment
Arm Workout #1 in November’s Thankful Challenge, be sure to join: Recognize this workout? One of the top rated shoulder workouts on the app. ... more


Leigh-Ann 6d ago
Love the theme, can you put all these together and a highlight/package... Along with the cookie and legs thankful theme? A. 8x5. 8x7,5. 6x10. 5x10. 5x10. B. 8x10. 7x12,5. 5x15. 5x15. 5x15. A. 13x5. 13x10. 10x15. SS. B. 13x25. 13x40. 10x55. SS. A. 10x5. 10x7,5. SS. B. 10x5. SS. 8x5. A. 60secs, 15. 60secs, 17,5. A. 8 each way

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