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Brynley JoynerBrynley Joyner

Protein French Toast

5.0|15 min
Protein French Toast Ingredients: -2-3 slices of bread of choice (I use gluten free from Unbuns) -1 egg + 2 egg whites -1/2 to 1 scoop of vanilla protein -dash of cinnamon -coconut oil -fresh fruit -almond butter -honey or natural maple syrup Instructions: -add the eggs, egg whites, protein & cinnamon into a bowl & whisk until thoroughly mixed -let the bread soak 1 at a time in the mixture before transferring to a heated pan with a little coconut oil -cook on medium heat for a few minutes then flip. -if there’s extra egg mixture pour it over the bread while its cooking! -top with fresh fruit, nutnbutter & honey or maple syrup!

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