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Brynley JoynerBrynley Joyner

30 min Full Body Workout!

4.9|30 min|11 comments
This full body circuit was quick, effective, fun, and so sweaty!! Let me know how you like it👏🏽❤️‍🔥 PS: if there is a piece of equipment you don’t have, just substitute it for a similar movement! At the end I use a rower ... more


Chloe 1mo ago
Great quick workout🙌🏼 Swapped a few exercises to make it at home friendly! Thank you☺️
Grace 9mo ago
Loved this circuit!!!
katy 1y ago
in a gym it is pretty hard to keep a machine for yourself through 4 rounds so perhaps alternatives that might reflect this potential gym issue. thank you!
Paula 1y ago
I love the 30 min workouts👏🏻✨
Catherine 1y ago
Soooooo good!!!

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