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Brittany LuptonBrittany Lupton

On-The-Go Burrito Bowl

5.0|20 min
The perfect lunch or dinner on-the-go! INGREDIENTS: - cooked chicken or beef (having meat already cooked & on hand/in the fridge is what makes this a meal on-the-go! if you don't have any chicken or beef, don't worry, we'll get some protein from the beans & greek yogurt!) - 1 can black beans - greek yogurt (a higher protein alternative to using sour cream!) - 1 cup cooked corn (Trader Joe's frozen Mexican corn is my fav!) - 1 cup cooked rice - 1/2 cup pico or salsa of choice - 1 avocado - bell pepper of choice - cilantro - lime - salt & pepper RECIPE: - prepare your rice & corn - rinse & drain beans - rinse & chop cilantro & bell pepper - in a bowl, add rice, corn, beans, meat, 1/2 avocado, chopped cilantro & bell pepper, 1/2 lime, pico/salsa & greek yogurt - store remaining ingredients in airtight containers for future use - ENJOY with tortillas/chips or as is!!

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