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/Handstand Program

W3/D1 Core & Upper body strength

4.9|45 min|13 comments
Warm up: - Wrist stretches 3-5 min. - Foam roll lats 3-5 min. ... more


Jheri 2mo ago
Killer workout! Loved it. The wall handstands were so fun/horrible. I had to modify the plank push-ups and had my hands on a chair. I had never done log rolls, I really liked those. I thank you for those cshaped tspine stretches they felt amazing.
Carla 3mo ago
It was really hard this one but sooo good🤌🏽
Seba 3mo ago
The plank to wall stand is challenging indeed I can’t make 8 in a row. insha’Allah this will change💪🏻
Melissa 5mo ago
Thanks for the program! Any tips for doing the high plank to wall walk?
Valeria 6mo ago
Is there a beginners handstand wall walk? Those were killers for me. I could not complete the handstand for all but tried to do it as close as I can

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