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Day 4 - Shoulder Flex & Extend

4.8|15 min|5 comments
Modern day habits like sitting + using tech can leave us feeling tight around the neck + shoulders. We tend to hold tension, which can have a knock on effect on our movement, lead to headaches + TMJ, and even feed into the c... more


Ross 1y ago
Shoulders have always been one of my weakest point. Feel better now.
Ciji 2y ago
Shoulder feel better. For sure some knots in the traps and under the pit. I use to use a foam roller to do these exercises. But I really like the firmness of a lacrosse ball against the wall!!! Thanks for the new technique.
Alex 3y ago
I rate myself here. Neck still a bit painful and tight, can’t use the wall here as paint is chalky and comes off! Did the ball exercises by holding and moving the ball against me, so probably not quite as much pressure as the wall gives.
Gary 3y ago
Unsure of ball placement a better display of where exactly to place the ball Would Help.
Gabe 3y ago
I have a shoulder injury from a rock climbing accident. This was pretty tough but I feel like it was a really good stretch and therapy. Spent extra time w this one. Thx

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