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Day 2 - Overhead Mobility: The Thoracic

4.8|15 min|15 comments
The thoracic (mid back) and our ribs are two areas of the body that can have a big impact when it comes to performance and moving well in everyday life. If we’re looking to do anything overhead, whether that’s bodyweight ski... more


Sherry 3mo ago
This is a wonderful way to get your body moving if you have been on break.
Fazri 1y ago
Clear instructions and just what I needed. Looking forward to the next video
Simon 1y ago
I did not realise how out of shape I am. Barely got arms past my ears. Everything seems so much looser after just the one session. Hope it’s going to continue through the next 30 days.
Ross 1y ago
It was good. I am starting to think I found the best place to get my mobility on track.
Kat 2y ago
Looking forward to getting more mobile!

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