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About me

Movement, Mobility & Breathwork Coach


Hi, I’m Luke - a Movement & Mobility Coach based in the UK. At Hero Movement, I help athletes & everyday people build a healthy, heroic lifestyle filled with movement and adventure. We do this through a wide range of practices, including mobility work, functional movement, calisthenics, strength training, habit-forming, skill work, rope flow, breath work, nutrition, recovery strategies, and more. I’m a former multi-sport competitive athlete, training and competing in MMA, athletics, football and more. After a cocktail of injuries and health issues left me sidelined, I set out on a journey to reclaim my wellness and rebuild my physical movement base. Through my site and here on Playbook, I share the practices and tools that I discovered on my search spanning several decades. You’ll find mobility plans, strength programs, endurance & breathwork practices, and various skill-based workouts to help you craft a well rounded skill set. The idea is not just to help you build the physical, but also to hone the mental. So you have the resilience and capacity to overcome life’s challenges, and be the hero of your own story. My work is inspired by many great teachers I’ve had the good fortune of coming across, including but not limited to: Kelly Starrett, Ido Portal, MovNat, Jill Miller, GMB, Wim Hof, Buteyko Method, Dylan Werner, Dan John, and Pavel Tsatsouline. Join today and take the next big step on your hero’s journey!


My programs are designed to help you build a solid movement base of flexibility & mobility, functional strength, and endurance. You’ll develop the physical and mental tools required to unleash your inner HERO and overcome any obstacles life throws your way. Commit to the practice and enjoy freedom of movement, optimum performance & sustainable wellbeing.

Training Requirements

Most of my mobility practices and movement flows can be done at home with little to no equipment. A mat, roller, mobility balls and some resistance bands may sometimes come in handy. For some of the movement and strength programs you’ll need access to a pull-up bar & gymnastic rings, and others require gym equipment like kettlebells and Olympic weights.


- Certified Movement & Mobility Specialist - 7+ Years Coaching Experience - 20+ Years Training & Competition - Qualified Lv4 Nutrition Coach, Lv3 Personal Trainer - Continuing Education Under Wim Hof Method, Anatomy Trains & More

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