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Day 1 - Welcome & Phase 1 Baseline

4.6|30 min|20 comments
An introduction to Mobility Reset, some basic principles, and our first of 3 mobility assessments.


Carey 1y ago
I'm turning 75 and have always been active but never really assessed my fitness or worked to improve it systematically. Now I have the time and focus needed, so I am glad to get started with you
Ross 1y ago
I have noticed (that’s the reason why I am trying to get more flexible) that my range of motion of the test is really limited in all the positions.
Kristyn 2y ago
I meant to hit 5 star.
Ciji 2y ago
I watched all the informational videos and will complete the base line test tomorrow morning. I have been practicing yoga for several years with not much mobility progression. I am excited to start this program!
Ellise 2y ago
Haven’t started the program but really good intro.

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