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Day 3 - Hips & Low Back

4.7|20 min|5 comments
Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries or complaints we face in the modern world - in both active people, and those that are a more sedentary. What we often see is that there’s an intricate relationship between ... more


Ross 1y ago
Great session
Ross 1y ago
Feel a little tight at the beginning but better at the end.
Ciji 2y ago
Man my hips need a lot of work. Can’t wait for the rest of this reset. I had a knee injury when I was young. It halted all my weight training and exercise for many years. Then I worked with a trainer on P&F training for three months and I was running again. Then life happened and I stopped. My body has regressed and I can’t seem to progress. Really hoping this program gets my body free so I can get back to strength training.
Alex 3y ago
Right, back from hollibobs. Am I rating myself? If so, I don’t get 5 stars. The discs in my lower back have been warning me so had to cut back on gardening, but lower back is still sore and I wasn’t quite as good as you in the sofa stretches today. Also, dog ball a bit small I think for massaging back etc.
Austin 4y ago
Loved the stretches! I might just be slow but I think a dramatization of the stretch itself would help me understand where to place the pressure and lock in the mind muscle connection

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