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Day 5 - Hamstrings & Low Back

4.8|15 min|5 comments
One common complaint is feeling like the lower back is compressed - like there’s not much space there and everything is kinda dumping down into that area. This is often accompanied by what seems like tight hamstrings - ofte... more


Dan 1y ago
Ciji 2y ago
That felt so good. My squat was so much better after 2 rounds!!! Excited to keep progressing!
Alex 3y ago
Nice on my back, found some painful glute areas which I spent time on. Need to work out how to maximise you on my telly as you are so small I have yo guess a bit at where you are using the ball. Will talk to techie hubby🙂
Kate 3y ago
Didnt even realize my lower back was compressed until this!
Andrew 3y ago
First time in awhile that I’ve felt some relief in my lower back, happy I discovered this one!

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