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W2/D2 Class 8: Strength Drill

5.0|23 min|10 comments
Intermediate level class. This strength drill is preparing the body for kicking into handstand. This means we'll incorporate deeper core strength through compression. And also try on drills to kick into handstands safely.


Julieta 14d ago
It was so beautiful to build strength with the blocks, then continue with a flowing kicking attempt. It felt like being encouraged to take flight for the first time. Thank you for this offering!
Emanuela 16d ago
I did it! Kick into handstand with one leg straight for almost 1 sec but i have never managed to do it before!🎉
Ela 1mo ago
I was on fire. Amazing drills! Thank you🙏🏻
Alexandra 2mo ago
Maybe because I usually attenpt these drills after a long practice being tired, I had much more control in these today as a “standalone”! Great lesson for next times! Thanks
Amandine 2mo ago
Well this compression drills really help me with my handstand ! Kicking with the block is really helpful. Really great class😊

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