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W2/D2 Class 8: Strength Drill

5.0|23 min|20 comments
Intermediate level class. This strength drill is preparing the body for kicking into handstand. This means we'll incorporate deeper core strength through compression. And also try on drills to kick into handstands safely.


Tara 2mo ago
Enjoyable and difficult in equal measures. Great
Kim 9mo ago
Hard and fun. This was a really useful drill!
Steffany 1y ago
Yei! I finally understood how to stop my handstand when I want to fall into wheel! Thank you!
Nyssa 1y ago
Compression is very hard! But I’m learning. Starting to feel more engagement in my legs! My glutes and hamstrings are on fire! 🔥🔥🔥 Training my muscles 🦵🏽
Elena 1y ago
A favourite 🧡 quick, fun, effective, easy to fit into longer practices. Also returning to it I always find some clue that I didn't catch before (how much knowledge can Kayla squeeze in a tiny drill class??). Thank you ⭐️

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