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W4/D4 Class 22: Press Into Handstand

5.0|57 min|8 comments
Intermediate/Advanced level class. This is a fiery flow that incorporates a variety of drills, exercises and entries into handstand as seen through the How To Handstand series. The anatomical focus of the class is heavy stre... more


Lo • 3d ago
I almost got into puppy press!!! Such a great class, thank you so much Kayla!!
Fernanda • 4d ago
Got my first stradle press with the blocks! Thanks so much, Kayla!!!! 😍😍😍
Liana • 18d ago
Thank you :)
Nyssa • 1mo ago
Wonderful flow that ties everything together seamlessly. Still trying to get the hang and feeling of puppy press. I think my issue is I can’t get high on my toe of the standing leg (straight leg) so my hips aren’t lifting high enough. Probably need more hamstring lengthening and compression work.
Alexandra • 1mo ago
Amazing class 👏🏼 absolutely loved the sequences and how they built up on each other seamlessly ❤️ thank you!!

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