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W4/D2 Class 20: Strength Drill

5.0|26 min|9 comments
Intermediate/Advanced level class. This class works on strengthening the body in preparation for pressing into handstand. This means we'll be working on deep core, compression, strengthening the hip flexors, shoulders, and w... more


Sarah 9mo ago
Very challenging this morning! Long way to go but I am happy! Thank you
Steffany 1y ago
Not quite there yet with my puppy but getting closer 🫶🏽
Nick 1y ago
Lovely way to counter all the back bending I’ve done recently. Compression work helps with strength for biking more miles too. Thank you!
Ela 1y ago
Every practice you do its just amazing. I enjoyed it so much. I feel so good now 🥰
Nyssa 2y ago
These drills kicked my butt! Which means need more practice and revisit! 🔥🔥 The puppy press sensation is just so foreign and strange to me right now.

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