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Unlimited access to all platform content
Unlimited access to all platform content
Bart N.
Just what my back and shoulders needed! Incredible increase in pain-free range of movement after only a few sessions!
Breanna E.
I love your workouts. They're simple and easy to follow but exactly what I need! Thank you!
Denice T.
Love all the practical progressions within the app that allow me to move forward at my own pace rather than force things I can't do too quickly!
Julia K.
I've been waiting for an app JUST LIKE THIS for so long! This is GOLD!
Tim H.
This app is a godsend, well put together and easy to follow.
Ann U.
Love the lower back workouts and progressions! And I appreciate that you teach to all levels, thank you!
Jason H.
I used this app to recover from frozen shoulder. I was able to utilize the routines to help recover my mobility and strength! Highly recommend!
Grant B.
So much gold on here, thank you! Helping build a stronger body every day!
I cannot tell you how much you and these workouts have changed the quality of my life, so thank you!!!
Kelsie P.
You are one of the biggest reasons I am no longer in a chiropractor's office every week. It's now been a year since I last made an appointment!
I feel like every time I do one of these routines, I feel better and I move better!
Jenny C.
All the shoulder and scapular mobility exercises have been invaluable to me. Not flashy, but extremely effective when done right. Thank you so much!
Will G.
I've learned so much from you and it seems like you always put together routines that target exactly what I need. Thanks!
Dan J.
It's nice to have an app from someone who actually knows what they're talking about and has a reason for designing workouts a certain way, thank you.
Rich N.
I've already benefitted so much from all of the content you've posted for free for years, so this was a no brainer! Loving the structure here, thanks!
Gurcharan P.
Since applying the shoulder workouts, I've been able to lift about 20% more weight on my upper body lifts and do so PAIN FREE...THANK YOU!!!
Paula G.
Since performing the shoulder mobility routines regularly, I'm back to playing volleyball 3 times every week without holding back! Thank you so much!
Clarisa J.
The key is consistency. I lacked consistency and intelligently designed workouts in the past. Now I'm consistent and have the RIGHT workouts. Thanks!
Jeff A.
I've used this app to help improve my core/trunk awareness which has helped a lot in managing my back pain as well as the clients I coach!
Cam F.
Working on the hip stuff for the last month and not only are they feeling buttery but the knees are feeling consistently amazing too. Thank you!

What's inside the app!

Over 50,000 workouts and new ones added every day
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Omry D.
I was dealing with very severe neck spasms and horrible upper back pain to the point where I couldn't sleep at night, couldn't sit down for long durations, and it affected me in almost every possible aspect of my life. I reached out to Cale... Read more
Alejandra M.
I was dealing with pain in lots of parts of my body...knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, fingers to name a few so I started to research for professionals that could help me. Since I did not find anyone in my country that seemed able to do it... Read more
Basil A.
Dr Caleb really helped me with chronic pain I had in my upper back and shoulders. I’ve been suffering from tightness for years with the occasional pinched nerve. He was as thorough as you can get doing the online assessment via video call. ... Read more
Arwa B.
I have been a client of Dr.Caleb for a month and was definitely not disappointed. Unfortunately, I injured my hip in a lifting training session, and as a result, I was feeling pain and stiffness in the groin area. I consulted a couple of or... Read more
Miles S.
I first reached out to Dr. Burgess after seriously injuring my left shoulder. I had already followed him on social media because I love his content, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I did because our work together was great! He was... Read more
Aubrey F.
I reached out to Dr. Burgess to help me somehow, someway resolve stabbing knee pain that had plagued me a whole year after running a half marathon (which I had not wisely programmed!). Dr. Burgess walked me through a program that not only r... Read more
Jackson G.
I reached out to Caleb to help me with plantar fasciitis in my left foot that developed after intense training for the Army Special Forces. And I'm glad I did! Not only did he help me get back to running with my 45 lb rucksack on my back, b... Read more
Sheri L.
For over 40 years I have had an ankle injury and over the last few years it started affecting my ability to walk up and down hills. I saw a post on Instagram from Dr. Caleb Burgess where he was discussing my specific issue. After speaking w... Read more
Esther C.
Working with Dr. Caleb has resolved a lot of the problems I was experiencing. I sprained my ankle a year ago and since then, it didn't feel stable. I did PT for a little, but didn't feel like I was heard in my requests and concerns. However... Read more
Paula M.
When I reached out to Caleb, I was struggling with some (post-injury) shoulder instability issues. I had lots of pain and couldn’t do overhead lifts or gymnastic movements. I chose to start working with Caleb because I noticed he had a unco... Read more
Daniel K.
As a physical therapist myself, I can say with absolute confidence that Caleb stands out from the pack. I had been dealing with chronic knee pain for 7 years and a new onset of shoulder pain for the past year, and Caleb helped me not only s... Read more

Physical Therapist and Trainer

Hi, I’m Dr. Caleb Burgess. I’m a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a certified specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I've been practicing as a physical therapist for over 8 years and as a trainer/strength coach for over 12. After receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT), I spent the next two years completing a year-long Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and then a year-long Fellowship in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. This advanced training allowed me to become an expert in musculoskeletal conditions both related to the general and athletic populations. Furthermore, as a strength and conditioning specialist, I am qualified to help people to develop and achieve higher level performance based goals that extend beyond traditional rehabilitation. I specialize in helping athletes and active people of all ages reach peak performance in their sport or activity of choice while helping to bulletproof their bodies to stay injury free in the process. And I should know! I’ve played sports all of my life, and was blessed to play basketball at the collegiate level (Azusa Pacific University) for 4 years from 2007-2011. During my time as an athlete, I went through my fair share of injuries and know what it’s like to be competing at the highest level only to have to claw my way back up from the bottom after getting injured. I draw on this experience to better understand what others are going through when working with them.
My goal is to help you understand how your body works and what you can do to reduce pain, improve mobility, overcome weakness, recover from nagging or new injuries, and to identify and overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals, however large or small. In my time as a physical therapist and strength coach, I have helped thousands of people like YOU take control of their pain and break through their limitations to return to and EXCEL in the activities they love.
Training Requirements
My workouts are for anyone and everyone. Whether you have access to a gym, home gym, only have a few items like bands, towels, and/or a mat, or no equipment at all, you'll find something just for you!
I’m a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a certified specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I've been practicing as a physical therapist for over 8 years and as a trainer/strength coach for over 12.
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Tell me your struggles, share your progress, request content and guidance. I'm here for you!
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Save your favorite content so it's effortless to refer back to. Build a library that serves your goals.
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Track your progress with streaks to keep yourself accountable. See how many weeks in a row you can get.
app screen with chat
Tell me your struggles, share your progress, request content and guidance. I'm here for you!
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Sign up for the app. Start today and save 44% with annual plan $99.99 (you can cancel whenever you want!)
Find workouts or a program that fits your schedule and goals
Send me a message, photo, or video inside the app to introduce yourself.
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What makes this app different? How do I know it will work for me?
If you haven’t had success with other workout apps in the past, you may be skeptical about this one. And I get that! But this app is different. The exercises and routines are based off experience working with thousands of people 1-on-1 and their real-life success stories. The app will also be updated weekly so that you'll always have new material to keep you motivated and ready to work! Plus, if you need help, you can message me directly if you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to share your success!
I'm a beginner, is this app for me?
No matter where you are in your fitness journey, my app can help you succeed. Workouts and programs posted in the app are for any level of fitness. Plus, I'll walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos and simple written instructions. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely.
Do I need to purchase equipment?
It depends on the workout! A lot of the workouts require no equipment, or things that everyone has access to, like a towel. I also have workouts that require some equipment (like dumbbells, bands, or a yoga mat) and some that require more extensive equipment like barbells, weight plates, and machines (for gym based workouts). There’s something for everyone — regardless of equipment — to help you get in shape, feel better, move more easily, and move with more confidence!
How much does the app cost?
You can join my app and community for FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you'll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year. That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.27 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!
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