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W4/D5 Cut - Cardio

4.9|45 min|47 comments
Treadmill 10 minute warm up Treadmill sprints 8 x 30 sec Treadmill sprints 4 x 15 sec. Treadmill 10 minute cool down


Roy 8mo ago
All done. Swapped swimming for this treadmill cardio to wrap up the cut. Seeing results.. Thinking D&D workout may be next.
Lantz 9mo ago
Great 4 week workout. Now that I completed the 4 week shred should I repeat it or try a different program to keep the cut and weight loss going ? Dropped about 5 pounds and added muscle as I monitor on the InBody. Started 215 down to 210 over the 4 weeks. Taking I. 200g of protein a day and watching macros and calories.
Johno 1y ago
Glad I reached the end, two days before I leave for a bit
David 1y ago
Great Program, now let’s run it back!
Fagner 1y ago

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