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Tutorial: Hip Thrust

4.9|5 min|5 comments
In this video I discuss proper form for a hip thrust. Why? Because you will see this movement everywhere. It’s one of the most common movements for booty gains. But it’s also one of the movements I see done improperly the MOS... more


Averee 1y ago
I really struggle with having my back raised on a bench or box during hip thrusts - it hurts my back, especially with weight. Can doing them from the floor be just as effective?
Morgan 1y ago
Informative and I really like the analogy use! Being a visual learner that helps a lot!!
Andrea 1y ago
Good info as usual
Natalie 1y ago
You’re literally the reason I was able to hit a 400lb hip thrust 😭 your tips and mobility help has done wonders for me 🥺
Magdalena 1y ago
So useful!!!! Thanks so much

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