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Deadlift Overview

5.0|5 min|11 comments
All of these movements are going to target the full body in some way but have more emphasis on the posterior chain. Each variation of deadlift will emphasize different muscle groups slightly more based on the foot positionin... more


Meaghan 7mo ago
Thank you for this!!!
Jessica 7mo ago
I am unable to do regular deadlifts with a barbell, and was not sure if I had the accurate RDL form. The tip of utilizing the wall is extremely beneficial.
Hailee 8mo ago
Very informative and easy to follow!
Jordie 9mo ago
All I can say is Thankyou. Thankyou for your content, Thankyou for explaining everything, thank you for sharing your knowledge and taking time out of your life, to help gym goers like me get better and more confident 💕
Rebecca 1y ago
I totally wish I watched this before completing w4d1 of the challenge 🙃 I was definitely squatting lol I knew something felt off

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