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Bench Press Tutorial

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Not many females have been properly taught how to bench press. It is still one of those movements that has been stigmatized and gendered as a male movement. It is not. Females, we need strong chests too. ... more


Victoria 2y ago
So helpful, thank you!!
Kelly 2y ago
Your explanations in these videos is so much better than ones I’ve seen by other people, thank you so much for explaining so many things to watch for and think about
Nora 2y ago
This was super helpful! I’ve always had issues with bench press form and have had shoulder issues in the past. I’m excited to try the proper form and see how I progress. Thank you!!
jen 2y ago
Thank you for showing that form. As a trainer myself it’s so important for people but women to understand the angle of the elbows. Also I remind people it’s easier if you do not wrap your thumb. I loved seeing your thumb on the same side as your fingers. Prevents the bar from rolling at the wrist.
Jessica 2y ago
Thank you for this tutorial! I've never been told to do it at a 45° angle, I definitely see people do the T position

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