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10 Min - Full body workout with me

5.0|10 min|73 comments
A bad workout is better than no workout. Any movement is better than nothing. Great workout to get something in when you don’t want to do anything. It happens ♥️ You can add weight, resistance and maybe so more plyos to the ... more


Saraï 7d ago
Nice when we have short time 😊
Cristine 8d ago
I’ve never seen a serious fitness app that gave a 10 minute workout - you truly make us understand that it all counts and something is better than nothing. I had 15 minutes before having to leave for work and I wasn’t going to work out but I saw this and there we go. Paired with my lunch bike ride it will feel so good at the end of the day.
Katherine 2mo ago
Love these quick workouts when The day has gotten away from me or I have an insane day ahead or just don’t wanna do anything…I Know I can get these done. Thank you so much. It’s clear you’ve put A LOT into this app. so grateful!!!
Janine 3mo ago
I ran out of time tonight to get a full workout in but I did this and I am quite content with it!
Maddie 4mo ago
A favorite on days when I wanna move but am low on energy or don't have the time for a full workout. Easy to add on to, but a great stand alone energy pump as well!!

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