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25 Min Dumbbell Fullbody 6.2.22

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This is my type of “cardio”. These styled workouts are how I do my cardio (I am NOT an eliptigo girl). All you need is yourself, a pair of dumbbells (optional), a booty band (optional) and a ledge (optional). ... more


Jen 22d ago
Loved it! Needed something I between a lift and straight treadmill time and this did the trick!!! Thank you!!!
Kayla 1mo ago
Another day getting up and getting it before kids were awake! Loved this quick and effective workout!
Kayla 2mo ago
Got 2.5 rounds down before i had to attend to the kids but it was killer and I feel clear in the brain and great endorphins thank you! ❤️
Sharlene 2mo ago
Only did two rounds cause I just used the little excretora room in the hotel I’m staying at! But proud of myself to get a little workout in before this wedding I’m attending! :) You inspired me!
Katie 7mo ago
💀 I'll be on my garage floor for the foreseeable future. Nothing will humble you quite like 1 minute of goblet squats. Woo baby that was a good one!!

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