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20 Min Body Weight 2.5.21

5.0|20Β min|10 comments
Get in and get out with this hiit burner. Lungs and legs are going to be on fire!


Keri β€’ 3mo ago
Grace and modification! It’s been a couple weeks since I have been able to work out, but I love watching your mindset videos and videos of you working out with your son. I included my toddler today, used a bosu ball instead of a step and waved around the bubble stick at the same time since my son wanted bubbles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that was good extra calories.
Katie β€’ 5mo ago
Didn't have a step so modified and added weight where appropriate, the burn was real. Really good one!!
Natalie β€’ 7mo ago
Killer! Did the basic moves, and sweating lots after a slow one mile jog. Grateful for movement today and this workout for guidance! β™₯️
Morgan β€’ 9mo ago
One of my fav HIIT routines!
Morgan β€’ 1y ago
I always underestimate plank mountain climbers πŸ₯΅

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