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Winter Blues be GONE: an energizing vinyasa ❄️✨

5.0|47 min|22 comments
An energizing level 2 flow full of fun transitions, heart openers and twists to wring out any stale energy and get some good vibes moving through you.


Caroline 1y ago
This was great, just a little slow. Wish it got my heart rate up more! Thought it would since it’s a level 2, but maybe I’ll try a higher level next time
Katie 1y ago
Amazing mix of strength building, rejuvenating stretches and twists, and intention setting/meditative practices woven throughout. I’ll definitely revisit this one!
tay 1y ago
this was a really great class that was the perfect combination of deep stretches and short firey burns
Julie 1y ago
This was the perfect flow to shake the blues with the snow storm out here in Chicago 💙❄️✨
Kat 1y ago
Was feeling cold and tired this Groundhog Day- I mean it is February. Was being the key word! Totally fired up in the best way. Those tricky lil glute stretches in down dog- I will for sure be coming back to this! Thank you!

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