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Wake the BRAIN 🧠

5.0|9Β min|12 comments
Level 1. A quick class to get your juices flowing, wake you up or get your out of a funk ✨


Mary β€’ 5mo ago
I’ve been traveling for work for over a month and this was the perfect way to restart my routine. Thank you!
Laura β€’ 7mo ago
Thank you for this short video. Worked perfect for a midday work break away from my computer. So glad I have this app and you-it helps in prioritizing more movement in my days
Yasmin β€’ 7mo ago
Perfect yoga quickie to energize and refocus!
Sophia β€’ 7mo ago
Great class. :)
Laura β€’ 8mo ago
absolutely love your flows! hoping you can assist me in seeing the screen full size from an iPad … i can’t seem to get you in horizontal full screen, you’re always so tiny

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