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Total Leg Release 🦡🏼

5.0|28Β min|5 comments
This short and sweet class has a huge emphasis on hip mobility with some hamstring and spinal release to leave your lower body feeling taken care of. Perfect for before or after a workout, or on its own.


Sarah β€’ 5mo ago
Thank you for that Morgan 😊 I've just started up my 5km morning walks again and this was the perfect finish.
Katie β€’ 5mo ago
Lovely, slow, targeted stretch sesh!
Lindsey β€’ 6mo ago
Exactly what I needed after 3 days of backpacking
Merceides β€’ 7mo ago
β€œI enjoyed the focus on the hips and the rotation. She’s really good with her cueing and terminology. She shows you where your body is at but where you can get too ” - my bf joined!
Zara β€’ 7mo ago
Loved it!!! Full body connection throughout the practice and you hold the most beautiful space for us to work with our body rather than against it.

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