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High Vibes Morning Vinyasa

5.0|18 min|27 comments
Start your morning off with a short, energizing vinyasa + breath work. Perfect for all levels and when you’re short on time.


Laura 1y ago
need some further instruction on bumble bee breath; can’t quite figure out how to breath out the nose & still make the bb sound
Kara 1y ago
My new favorite morning practice! 15-20 mins is so perfect to just get the day started and this left me feeling warmed up and energized.
Georgia 1y ago
perfect little morning reset to try to get the day moving a little
Paulena 1y ago
Perfect class to start off my morning. The bumble bee breathe was so energizing! ⚡️
Yana 1y ago
I literally FELT the cultivated energy and calmness in all of my being. The bumblebee breath at the end was a fantastic choice! Thank you <3

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