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Gentle Moving Meditation

5.0|25 min|6 comments
An all levels class. This moving meditation will guide you through breath, mantra and gentle movement to inspire rest and rejuvenation in the body.


Stacey 3mo ago
This was wonderful! Thank you Morgan ❤️
Merceides 4mo ago
Per usual, just what I needed! I really needed some feminine, slow energy to enter my space. I haven’t been balanced + the masculine energy was becoming too much! Thanks for evening me out Morgan!
Kat 5mo ago
I so needed this today- rest day- just as important as working out!
Amy 5mo ago
I've had a migraine all afternoon and this class is just what I needed to feel relaxed and centered.
Gretchen 5mo ago
amazing amazing amazing. been in a funk/feeling down lately and this is exactly what i needed. this is how i feel called to move my body right now, and i struggle with meditation so a moving mediation was justttt what i needed/wanted. also, just watching/knowing your fur babe was on your lap the whole time made me feel more calm and soothed ✨✨

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