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Deep HIPS Yin

5.0|56Β min|3 comments
A level I/II Yin class that work deep into the outer/inner hips, and glutes. Apologies about the framing of the camera. My phone must have slipped without me noticing. I hope y’all are still able to follow along with ease οΏ½...Β more


Sarah β€’ 1y ago
I did this whole practice wrapped in a blanket this morning. After a rough couple months, it's exactly what I needed to help my body release the tension it's been holding in trying to keep me safe. Thank you.
Yuliia β€’ 1y ago
I felt it all! Sadness, anger, even was laughing. I really needed to let go of that amount of emotions ❀️🌿
Kat β€’ 1y ago
I hardly keep me eyes open during Yin classes so the camera isn’t an issue! Lovely class for those stress and emotion holders- hips! Frustration came up and was melted away. Thanks for this!

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