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Build 7.0 - a Vinyasa Class class πŸ’ž

5.0|36Β min|10 comments
Level 2 flow that become progressively faster each time through. We will go through the same flow for 3 rounds.


Talia β€’ 1y ago
thank you! it’s been a very stressful week for me and i almost used my exhaustion from it as an excuse to not get in the mat. i’m so glad i did
Celeste β€’ 1y ago
Gait pose has to be my new favorite!
Megan β€’ 1y ago
This was my favorite build class so far! The pacing and balance forced me to stay β€œout of my head” and be present on my mat. Thank you πŸ’›
Tu β€’ 1y ago
Like this type of class a lot. Thanks for creating lots of creative movement. Look forward to do more build classes.
Ketzel β€’ 2y ago
These build classes are always my favorite! This was in particular was the perfect mix of challenge and flow.

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