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Anytime Mobility Practice

5.0|14 min|16 comments
A short and sweet way to fully mobilize your body. Whether you are just needing to wake your body up or warm up before a workout - this is a perfect way to create healthy range of motion! All levels welcome!


Abbey 1y ago
Perfect way to fit some quick movement into my work day!
Lauren 1y ago
this felt great to get my body feeling alive in the morning!
Sarah 1y ago
Great morning routine to warm up my stiff muscles especially on a rainy day like today.. thanks for this i truly enjoyed it and learned better techniques!!
Tiffany 1y ago
Great, gentle start to the morning. Tuning in and these exercises would be easy to incorporate anywhere!
Olivia 1y ago
LOVE MOBILITY!! This is perfect to end the day after seating at a desk working. 🙂

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