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Anytime Free Flow ⚡️

4.9|36 min|12 comments
A level 1/2 class. A free flow is an off-the-cuff class - meaning it’s not written or planned out before hand, so we move intuitively. This class is perfect for any time of the day to simultaneously warm and open the body.


Samantha 8mo ago
First class 🥰 you somehow managed to inspire me to get confident enough to begin teaching in my own way! I have my YTT but have never taught 😅 this class felt so good in my body, you could really feel your charming and humble joy and reverence for the practice. Thank you 💖
Bek 8mo ago
Just what I needed. Loved those 90/90 twists for my hips!
Eva 8mo ago
Wow, I was thinking when the class started that I really want to do some 90/90 stretch as my hips have felt really tight lately, and there it was in this class 😍 Loved it!
Anna 9mo ago
Sometimes the volume is a little low but loved this class, first time stretching and I could tell
Shawn 10mo ago
My favorite class of yours to date! I loved every single second of it. Love the unique stretches, the slow flow but challenging transitions. Breath work at the end was the cherry on top

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