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Hop and Float into Handstand

4.9|87 min|3 comments
Intermediate/Advanced level class. This is Class 3 in the Handstand Series. Please note this class originally aired on Zoom, so there is a Q & A portion at the end. This is valuable to listen to for your own handstand practi... more


Cady • 5mo ago
This class really helped me with compression into hopping, I was able to get like a 2 second hold which felt amazing. Will be coming back to this one again & again 🤗
Sonja • 1y ago
Amazing! My first try into tuck and I was there and holding it and then both legs were straight! Just like that!
Perrine • 1y ago
It feels good. It's nice to understand what you can feel when you're talking about compression. I feel like the class evolved into progression and that's great. I feel like I need more core workout now to gain more consciousness of the float so maybe that's another video I am going to practice! I like that there are not 1000 instructions at a time, I can focus on 2 or 3 cues and take my time so thank you for that. I m finally enjoying a vinyasa class after a long time your voice is soft and calm.

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