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Press Into Handstand

4.7|57 min|4 comments
Intermediate/Advanced level class. This is a fiery flow that incorporates a variety of drills, exercises and entries into handstand as seen through the How To Handstand series. The anatomical focus of the class is heavy stre... more


Nick 3mo ago
Been going through it and really needed this today. I wasn’t as successful with the press this time around but I still feel like my handstand game improved. I just needed a soft kick to get there. Thank you!
Lauren 3mo ago
Wonderful!!!! Such a great balance between feel good flow and skill building. 🙌
Nick 4mo ago
Oh my!!! Three years later & I FINALLY GOT IT! I wasn’t anticipating it either. I chose this class as a counter to yesterdays back bending and it just happened. I was able to get puppy press, press from a wide leg fold and pike up with & without blocks. I can hardly believe I can do this now. Crazy! Thanks you.
Rebekah 4mo ago
I cannot do handstand but love all the shoulder and compression work in this along with hamstring flexibility and some front body opening.

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Press into Handstand