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Why the scale shouldn’t be your only goal.

4.9|15 min|38 comments
Join us on this Mindset Monday as we discuss why the scale or weight loss shouldn’t be you’re ONLY fitness goal. Or more accurately why it shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all reason for your fitness journey... why it shouldn’t b... more


Ana 9mo ago
It was an awesome message but I wanted to listen to what your sister had to say. It sounded like she had a beautiful message but you kept cutting her off and talking over her. So not sure if she was supposed to be in this video but whatever she was trying to share was awesome! Just let her talk and finish what she wanted to say next time!
Alyssa 9mo ago
Thank you!! I needed this! I’m 12 weeks pregnant and surprisingly still struggle with the fact that my body is changing.. but I’m learning to embrace it and eat and workout according to what feels GOOD to me and my body. Thank you
Sarah 2y ago
This was wonderful! I’ve been so glued to the scale.. my goals this week are to make foods I enjoy write workouts I love and not weigh myself at all
Rachael 2y ago
My goals are to: 1. Fall in love with working out 2. Become more in tune with my body and what makes it feel good 3. Speak kindly to myself 4. Ditch the end goal mentality… the “I’ll be happy when I…” trap. 5. Prioritize my mental health/self care over aesthetic goals.
Lauren 3y ago
Can I just say I absolutely love how genuine you two are! I have struggled with my weight sense childhood- always taught that because I’m just barely 5ft tall I had to be under 120lbs. I have also been a competitive athlete who carries a lot of muscle. Me being fit puts the scale at around 150lbs in size 6 jeans with a tiny waist and massive legs. I was always ok with that until the doctors said I was still to heavy. Then it became 2-a-day workouts to try to lose the mass and lean out. A full hour of straight cardio (I hate cardio) and and evening workout of toning (high reps little weight) because I was afraid to gain. Then attention turned to my diet… I love carbs. I’m Italian and can not live without pasta and bread.. guess what they wanted cut out of my diet… yup! Pasta and bread.. well, my weight dropped slightly, my memory was foggy, I was miserable and tired all the time. So my workouts stopped because I just couldn’t find the energy. Fast forward to here and now- I’ve tried all the diet fads and many workout programs.. I tried being a beach body coach for accountability because I love to workout. I love to feel strong. I love when my back doesn’t hurt from bending over the sink to wash dishes or wash my kids hair in the tub. I love feeling happy. But my trouble now- when I start working out after a break my body swells up and I start to gain weight.. I currently sit at 200lbs after 3 babies and I find it hard to be proud of what my body has accomplished because I feel like crap.. I feel discouraged and defeated when I try to make the changes. It is so difficult to break away from the mindset of the number. About a year ago I went to a nutritionist. I did a 3 day protein fast and ate a high protons diet.. but they told me on this diet they had me on it wasn’t safe to work out.. no carbs, no sugar, no dairy. Just unhappy and dropping lbs and no working out. I stopped with the nutritionist because I wanted to work out. I would rather be strong, “heavy” and happy than skinny and not be able to eat. My kids deserve the best of me. So my goals this week are to get to bed at a decent time. Wake up early at least 3 days to get my workout in. And drink mor water thank coffee through that day 😉 I’m so excited 😆

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