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4.9|45 min|16 comments
This week we are talking motivation. What is it? Why is it so hard to find or keep? ... more


Janine 1y ago
Really good, I felt reassured with Mindset Monday talk today. After losing motivation, hearing this was a great pick me up! Thanks!
Ashley 1y ago
Love the 5 minute rule, it works every time. The tip to buy a new outfit works for me sometimes too lol. Dang ptula! 🤣
Stephanie 2y ago
This was the reminder I needed! Thank you!
Natalie 2y ago
I needed this message because I’m fighting myself on starting and how to start working out when I have zero motivation and energy but this gave me some insight to build up self discipline. So thank you
Brittany 2y ago
Watched this on the way to the gym!

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