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When You Don’t See Results

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Not seeing results can be one of the single most discouraging and disheartening experience in fitness. When we put in hard work it is only natural to expect and want to see results. When we are not seeing the fruits of our l... more


Casey 1y ago
Yes, this info is big! I've been on the diet cycle for sad to say since I was 14yrs old now 35! This needs to be said bc there is so much pressure of weighing a number, thank you!
Katie 2y ago
This video is exactly what I needed! I am 7months postpartum and have been struggling mentally on my lack of scale progress this month. And this video put things into perspective for me, all my NON scale victories are more important and I need to slow down my expectations of how fast I should be progressing.
Ashley 2y ago
This! 🖤 went through a 3 month program in March-June 2020. Saw big changes, dropped weight, but it was not long enough to reverse “diet”. Got frustrated and stopped. I’ve put weight back on but i’m stronger, lifting heavier. Still struggle with the “ideal body image”.
Kaitlyn 2y ago
Love this. Makes me feel so much better about not seeing major results right away. Also, is there any way you guys can talk more about nutrition and things you eat on a daily basis to give an idea 😊😊 thanks
Sam 2y ago
I love love love the “you are not broken” (you should put that on a T-shirt😬) I just listened to the podcast Hannah when you told your story and I cannot thank you enough for telling a story that both I and so many of my friends have been through. As you both talk about seeing results, I also have found that my mental health progression within workout programs is almost more significant than the physical changes. I actually turned to exercise as a release after I was raped. While I also developed other habits that were associated with my trauma response, I found that exercise was the one thing I could control and that is what I needed. Also, I do not tell you this for pity, I just want to tell you because you both are changing lives. I am now trying to learn to accept the slow changes that come with being postpartum which has also been mentally harder to accept than anything! As always, thanks for your amazing mindset reminders <3

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