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Getting Started

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This video is for those of you who feel overwhelmed with getting started. Making any life decision or lifestyle change requires an overhaul of changes- or so it seems.... more


Hannah 1y ago
I haven’t watched a mindset Monday in a long time and decided to start catching back up. I’m so glad this is the first one I watched! Implementing some major lifestyle changes currently and needed some reassurance that I don’t have to do it all at once. Slow and steady wins the race!
Janine 1y ago
Great! Nice reminders of the lifestyle change.
Stephanie 2y ago
I worked with a trainer for too long that made me feel terrible about myself and was constantly pushing counting calories to the point that I hated exercise and I was on the verge of an eating disorder. I dropped her and downloaded your app. I have followed you and Michal for a while and I love your approach to fitness. I actually find that I wake up and look at the app to see what workout I'm doing that night and I stay so excited to do it throughout my day at work. I wanted to just say thank you so much. Being a person in a larger body, it means so much to have a trainer that believes in your abilities and isn't just 100% focused on the scale. I can already feel a difference and it hasn't even been that long!
Brittni 2y ago
This was exactly what I needed! I have started with small changes, last year we added more vegetables to our meals and a few months ago I added working out two days a week. I have a some changes coming in the next month or two with both my husbands job and my own so I want to start meal prepping so we can keep up with the healthy eating. This gave me the motivation and encouragement to get ready to add another change!
Danielle 2y ago

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