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Mindset: Consistency

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Join us as we take a quick dive into the topic of consistency. Why is it so hard to make a change, or to stick to a new challenge. In this video we will talk about some misconceptions with consistency and our tips to building... more


Sarah 2y ago
I love this so much
Rachael 2y ago
I love that you do a Mindset Monday. As weird as it sounds watching it made me emotional. But it is such a relief and a breath of fresh air for me to be able to have that internal guidance so I can pursue my fitness goals in a healthy and loving way.
Kaley 2y ago
I just listened to my first motivational mindset, and I’m just completely inspired by you two. I’m excited, and want to thank you for this app!
Keanna 2y ago
Thanks for these! Such a great idea to keep positive thoughts and energy to push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.
Storm 2y ago
I needed this! Thank you!

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