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Dealing With Failure

4.9|15 min|5 comments
We apologize for the tardiness of this video, we had some technology problems.This week we are talking about failure. What does failure even mean? Most of the time we view our actions in an all-or-nothing mentality. We eithe... more


Ashley 2y ago
As usual, thank you so much! This week has been a hard week and baby hasn't been letting me workout as much as I like. From her elbow jutting out of my side to being super off balance, its been a weird week and she's grown a lot. To me that's an accomplishment and I can't judge the lack of working out as a failure because that's a dis-service to all my body really is doing. That being said, today feels a lot better and I'm excited for my healthy mama healthy baby workout today. (34 weeks is no joke!)
Lori 2y ago
Needed that after experiencing failure yesterday at the gym!
Audriann 2y ago
Helped me not feel bad about running 12 min miles today because my body was tired and my soul was drained.
Candice 2y ago
Omg so much of my old self and new self in this segment! Even now after small victories it’s not the main goal I was wanting to crush I still view as a failure so this was a perfect reminder to take a step back, a deep breath and focus on what I have achieved so far even with the set backs of a “rest day” turning into a rest week or a yummy meal or snack turning into a 3 day binge eating bender, it’s these mistakes or slip ups that make me realise I am human and will get back on it 👏🏽💯😍
Tessa 2y ago
One of the biggest issues I had while growing up was perfectionism. I don’t say it in a way that can actually be translated into a positive characteristic. It led to an eating disorder, exercise anorexia, sleepless nights studying for tests to get 100%, and so on. I’m still on my recovery journey but I love seeing two strong females talk so positively about failure. I celebrate my little failures now because it means I actually recognize them. I never thought the way I ate and worked out was wrong. I thought it’s what I had to do to be successful. Improving every day!

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