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Nutrition Episode 1

4.8|45 min|19 comments
You asked, and we answered. Although we would be lying if we said we weren’t nervous for this topic. Because in all honesty, Nutrition is complicated. Nutrition is unique. Nutrition and food have cultural, celebrational, fin... more


Cristine 1y ago
A nice encouragement to add more to my diet.. I eat fairly healthy however, I often miss breakfast and lunch and I know this is truly my problem. I’ve been working on getting at least a morning protein shake with banana and peanut butter, and now need to work on adding lunch back in. Stress doesn’t help but I know my body needs more.
Tiffany 3y ago
Thank you so much for covering this topic!! I have been working hard for the past 10ish months to repair my relationship with food and come to a healthy mental place with food and figure out what I want long term. This is so, so critical. But this is what the diet industry thrives on and it is tough to undo all our years of programming. Thank you both for knocking down these walls and talking openly. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE 🥰
Marie 3y ago
Oh, that hit too close to home. Guilty of the clean eating and good food VS bad food. When Hannah said, "don't eat food to lose weight", that clicked in my head! This is going to be a struggle for me, but 1 of the main reasons I joined the challenge!
Katie-Mae 3y ago
Love the idea of adding in rather than taking out! Eat to fuel not to lose. Working on this!
Gabriela 3y ago
I absolutely loved this. I’ve always struggled with my relationship with food coming from a dance background. I have heard most of it but it’s all a great reminder. The part I love and haven’t heard is the adding in and not taking out idea. Thank you!

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