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Tough Love

4.9|10 min|13 comments
This weeks mindset is for those who need a little push, a little tough love, someone to tell them to just do it. Because we all reach this point, where we need the accountability of someone telling us to do what we know we S... more


Cristine 2mo ago
Just what I needed to hear! I’ve dropped down to 1-2 workouts a week and I want to get back up to 3-4 but lately I’ve been giving myself too much grace. I will work out tomorrow morning, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Even if it’s just squatting and lunging with my baby girl during our morning routine, I need the movement and the discipline!
Janine 2y ago
That was really good to hear, I love Michals perspective about the telling yourself “No” and validating own feelings but still saying no. I’m going to try using these tools next time I feel like I’m arguing with myself. Thanks so much! You ladies are awesome!
Natalie 2y ago
As always this was super helpful ❤️
Erica 2y ago
I picked to watch this because I was feeling so unmotivated to workout and getting more tired but I had told myself I was going to workout today! So thank you for the tough love I needed to get going today! ❤️
Brynne 2y ago
I’m so glad I listened to this today it was just what I needed. I have made every excuse up possible today to not workout. Going to make today a great day and move my body!

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